The Perfect Player Devon Winterson


Published: November 24th 2013

Kindle Edition

586 pages


The Perfect Player  by  Devon Winterson

The Perfect Player by Devon Winterson
November 24th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 586 pages | ISBN: | 7.43 Mb

A forbidden tryst exposes a threat and sets a secret plan in motion, and twenty-year-old Marisa discovers her life is all a lie. . . .When Marisa of Mynae—sole heir of a benevolent leader, daughter of a shunned madwoman—stumbles upon a trail of demon hoofprints inside the borders of her father’s mystically protected dominion, she suspects evil lurks within the surrounding forestlands, lies in wait for the hapless Mynaen townspeople.Yet even as their dominion is further secured against the threat of invasion by the demonic Bane, Marisa’s troubles worsen.

A self-deciphering journal stolen from a hidden forestland glade begins to reveal her true life and hints toward a dangerous past mistake made by the long-dead creator of their world—a mistake Marisa learns she must rectify, or risk everyone’s lives to the demons’ strong addiction to human flesh and blood.Even so, Marisa balks at this notion of a controlled destiny until an encounter in the woods tears asunder her closely held beliefs and plummets her headlong into the chaos of her fate.

A lone demon stalks her, searches for her- he says he knows her scent.And this, Marisa cannot ignore.New adult fiction. Contains dark themes, fantasy violence, and mild sexual references.

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